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Scenery complementary lights use more what?

Although we have been emphasizing scenery complementary lights energy saving and environmentally friendly features, but this feature is not sufficient to become a scenery complementary lights only, and can only say that the first condition is to select it. Select scenery complementary lights we need the entire consideration of scenery complementary lights feature, use the points to see if it meets the City Road.

After all, we must focus on the practical application of scenery complementary lights, because wind-solar complementary Street lamp as lamp, it must be able to maintain a sufficient brightness, such scenery complementary lights can play its due role, even if the scenery complementary lights to wind and solar power, it failed to meet the standards of road lighting, that its use has any sense.

Therefore we select scenery complementary lights to see if its brightness meets the requirements, in addition to this, there is depends on the length of time, if not a long service life, can only be used for one or two years, there is no way reflects its socio-economic benefits.

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