• Transmission Tower
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    Transmission Tower

    Transmission Towers Transmission line tower, its shape is generally divided into: the glass type, cathead type, the font, font dry bucket and five kinds according to zoning are: Strain tower,...Read More
  • Communication Tower
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    Communication Tower

    Communication tower Communication tower from the tower, platforms, lightning rod, ladder, antenna support member composed of steel, etc., and hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, mainly...Read More
  • Galvanized Steel Pole
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    Galvanized Steel Pole

    Mainly made of high quality Q235 steel bending and forming. For automatic welding sub-arc welding. hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment. Street light pole spray should be of high quality...Read More
  • Aluminum Poles
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    Aluminum Poles

    Aluminum poles with traditional steel poles and fiberglass poles are also compared to their own strengths, as described in the following table is compared to other poles:Read More
  • Aluminium LED Lawn Lamp
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    Aluminium LED Lawn Lamp

    Packaging Delivery Specifications Green clean Efficient energy-saving Place for outdoor lighting No bad glare, no strobe Start No Delay CE RoHS POWER CONSUMPTION :4W LAMP:LED WITH BRIDGELUX...Read More
  • Tunnel Light
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    Tunnel Light

    Tunnel Lamp Characteristics: ①Tailored specifically for the tunnel, combined with the characteristics of high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp with a professional lighting design...Read More
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