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Street lights are set on the road to provide the necessary visibility to the vehicles and pedestrians at night. Road lights generally require a reasonable distribution of light, and the light source preferably has a long life span and is maintenance-free for years to come. High luminous efficiency, good color rendering, and the ability to start normal operation in an ultra-low temperature environment. Street lamps can be widely applied to road lighting in factory roads, highways at all levels, urban main roads, etc.
The street lights we offer have the following advantages:
- Optimized design of the light distribution curve, large illumination angle, wide range, uniform light, ensuring high output of luminous flux and reducing attenuation of reflection coefficient.
-Easy to install, with spring closing device, easy to open, adjustable installation angle, adapt to the needs of different applications.
- Optional photosensitive switch attachment, the structure of the lamp is designed to change the bubble structure inside, the sealing is good, it can prevent rain, insects and dust from entering the interior.
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